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Monday, August 9, 2010

About the Book

Love him or hate him, the name Trudeau resonates with Canadians, and harkens back to a day when Canada had just announced itself to the world stage.  And the man elected to the top job was Pierre Elliot Trudeau, an intellectual and visionary who carved a place for Canada on that stage.

This remarkable compilation showcases many memorable photographs taken of Trudeau and ties them with comments from his sons Justin and Alexandre as well as memories from the photographers at The Canadian Press who captured the iconic images. 

About the Author
The Canadian Press is Canada’s trusted news leader. For 90 years, its journalists have reported news round the clock, from coast to coast and around the world, in English and French. Today, The Canadian Press delivers real-time news stories, photos, graphics, audio and online video to daily newspapers, radio and TV stations and web portals. With bureaus and seasoned editorial staff across the country, The Canadian Press covers everything from politics to pop culture, company news to sports results.

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